Gazol Sneakers Care and Customz is a new business venture within the Gazol Empire Group which is a 100% Namibian owned company which is a multi-face organization that was established in 2016 and registered in 2017. At Gazol Sneakers Care and Customz we strive to offer a one stop shop for all sneakers owners, lovers and enthusiast in and across Namibia. We provide variety of services for your beloved sneakers such as Sneaker cleaning, Sneaker repair and restorations, Sneaker Customization, Sneaker polishing, Sneaker de-odoring, Sneaker sole de-yellowing, Sneaker dust and water protection.


To provide our clients with the best, quality sneaker care service and experience tailored with latest technology and innovation to give fashionistas and sneaker lovers the ability to define the feel, the look and the design of their premium sneaker without compromise on quality.


To be the best preferred premium sneaker care partner in Namibia and beyond. This gives us the mandate to make sure your sneaker is cared for in the best possible manner to give your sneaker its maximum lifetime.


Through our international partners and suppliers we thrive to give our customers the best shoe care service and experience across Namibia with no compromise on quality.


Your one stop sneakers care service you need ranging from cleaning to protection all in one place, pickups and delivery services included.


Online bookings, Instant SMS updates, real time tracking of your sneaker status. You are always in the know!

About The Manging Director

Mr Alfeus Ndapoita is a Namibian citizen based in Windhoek. He boast wealth of educational accolades from local and international universities and has worked within different industries and but his main focus has always been entrepreneurship and innovation as the key business drivers within the business growth models hence the expansion of the Gazol Empire into the sneaker care sphere, an area which he has always been passionate about.

Being a sneaker enthusiast comes with its own challenges that I have been faced with over the years and hence I had developed a sneaker care routine that I have subsequently turned into a sustainable business model to support other people with similar challenges! Nothing sucks more than a dirty smelly sneakers right? Or a nice sneaker you love but the design that doesn’t match your color appetite and you wish it had different appearance! I present you the solutions to some of those challenges.

Over the years I have developed good business relationships with multiples leading sneaker care suppliers all over the world to make sure my client base gets the best sneaker care services.