Sneakers Cleaning Service

We use internationally certified sneaker cleaning products, our cleaning process is a 100% hand based washing process aimed to take care of your shoes and give them refreshed clean look.

Sneakers Customization

This is our signature service, we promise to make your sneaker stand out with unique designs and your personal touch. Price based on material and design complexity. Talk to us to find out!

Sneakers Retailing, Sneaker Exchange, Sneaker Rentals

This is our special service, that allows for sneaker lovers to buy from our range of customized sneakers, we allow our clients to exchange and trade in sneakers plus we allow our customers to rent our sneakers, How cool is that? Talk to us to find out!

Sneakers Repainting & Sole Unyellowing

We make use of reverse oxidation process to un-yellow the affected midsoles. We also do midsole repainting using special imported paint to paint over the midsole part to make it white again.

Sneaker Polishing, De-odor, Dust & Water Repellent

This service pack includes the basic sneaker care processes using our specialized products to polish your sneaker, Remove the odd smells from your sneaker, apply special coats to protect it from dust and make it water repellent.

Bags & Jackets Cleaning Service

We have specialize in taking care of your beloved leather Jackets and bags. Affordable price too!